How to Wash Jeans

Washing instruction for raw/dry denim & jeans (wash and care)

It is often a myth how denim products needs to be washed/treated. There is certainly no "right way" but many different ways, depending on how you prefer your denims to look. Here are some examples.


1. Denim enthusiast's way - Wear as long as possible, wash as less as possible

This is the most commonly used technique for denim enthusiasts. Wear rigid-raw dry jeans a minimum of 6months (recommended) everyday, machine wash at 60c inside out without washing powder/liquid, then wear it again for the next 3months, then wash by machine at 30c (less colour fade at 30c than high temperature), dry it by hanging up in the shade where air is flowing.


* Picture left: 14.6oz jeans worn almost a year, two washes (one after 6months, another after a year)

* Picture right: 13oz jeans worn 18months, six washes (one after 3months and every 3months afterwards)


2. Japanese magazine way - Wear your jeans and take a bath with it

This was once introduced in a Japanese fashion magazine. Wear your denim for a few months, the first wash is taking a bath with your jeans in lukewarm water and use a scrubbing brush to create a colour fading effect (mostly the front thigh bit). Dry it by hanging up in the shade where air is flowing.


3. Japanese denim mania way - Wear your jeans after "the first wash"

This technique is frequently used by many Japanese denim enthusiasts. Firstly, prepare lukewarm water (between 35c and 45c) in a bucket and put the dry/raw  jeans in it for 1hour-2hours (Note 1: please bear in mind that jeans need to be submerged completely in the water. The raw denim jeans contains air which make it float in the bucket. Note 2: Some people add a table spoon of salt, or vinegar in this lukewarm water). Secondly, take the jeans out of the bucket, wash it inside out at 40c without washing powder (please do not long-wash as this damages the fibers of the denim). Dry it by hanging up in the shade where air is flowing. Second wash is preferably after 3-9months of wear.


4. Natural looking way - Wear and wash as you like

Wash the jeans at 60c, dry it by hanging up in the direct sunlight (or tumble dry). This will make it completely shrink (up to 1-2.5inchs) and the jeans will not be as heavily starched. Wear and wash as you like. Please note, however, the jeans will not have the strong dense coloured effect achieved in methods 1, 2 and 3.


The above four ways are often used to treat or how to wash dry/raw denims.

Allevol's favorite way is method 1. We wear jeans 4-6months. As soon as we see a break-in effect, machine wash at 30c. After that, we wash our jeans at least every month.


What not to do with jeans / Not recommended

We do not recommend that you wear your jeans over a year without washing. Wearing too long will cause the crotch part to become worn-out (sometimes making a hole), and also will not have beautiful colour fade due to the accumulated dirt and oil (although, the longer you wear it, the colour of the denim will fade beautifully in character).

It is also important not to use washing powder during the first wash.

Please wash your jeans separately, as indigo colour runs other washings.


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